Bermuda Dream

Hello! My name is Janice and I'm the lady behind Bermuda Dream!

I fancy myself a dreamer and somewhat of a drifter. My sun sign is pisces, so I tend to go where the tide takes me! I've lived all over the country, and I've recently landed in Ocean Springs, MS where my husband, Jacob, has embarked on his new career as a pipe welder. We live with our two rescue cats, Kitty and Vinny, our rescue pup, Bodhi, and the newest member of our family, our baby girl Juniper!

I learned the craft of macrame from my mother, which she learned back in the 70s. My sunroom studio is where I develop new ideas, create my pieces and practice yoga. This creative space is filled with music, sunshine, incense, crystals, houseplants, furry friends and good vibes!

I love nature and being in harmony with it. I also love being creative and making things that other people can cherish in their own homes. I feel that supporting small business is an important way to keep the earth and its resources sustainable. I hope to add a little beauty and magic across the world, from my home to yours!

Say hi and stay connected: follow me @bermuda_dream on Instagram!

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